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 T-shirts For Small Businesses

Increase Your Local Exposure
In The Dade City, Wesley Chapel, And Zephyrhills Area

  Look at all the benefits to your business that you can have for just $50.
The best thing is these benefits last for at least 3 years, just $12 a year.

Create Walking/Talking Billboards

Unlike other forms of advertising, printed t-shirts use people to help get your business noticed.  If you give your garments to people that care about you and your business you will create word of mouth advertising.

Create Word Of Mouth Advertising

The best form of advertising there is.  When anyone wearing one of your printe t-shirts is asked about your business, this is a golden opportunity to Create Word Of Mouth Advertising by one of your hand-picked representatives.

Gifts For Family & Friends

Your hand-picked representatives that love you and your company.  A passive sales force that wants to help.  An added bonus is that the gifts are tax deductable.  People who love you talking about your  business to their family and friends.

Get Noticed Locally

Every store, event or game you go to gets your name out there.  One shirt can be noticed hundreds of times a year.

Praeto's Law

This 80/20 rule likely applies to your business.  80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers.  Identify them and give them one of your garments to encourge referals.

Introduce New Product or Service

Printed t-shirts are a great way to introduce a new product that you are now offering.  A service business can create buzz about a new service you are offering to your customers

Mix Garment Types With The Same Design

As an owner you would probably want one garment of each type for you and your spouse.  Add a couple children, parents and a friend or two and you might need a dozen.  

Everyone Has Favorite Colors

A company shirt is great, but even better is a company shirt in the a color that you love.  Women like to wear different colors than men do.

One Of The Most Cost Effective Advertising There Is

Newspaper and radio advertising only reaches a small segment of the local population and is very short lived.  Here today and gone tomorrow, making it very expensive for a small business. Printe t-shirts give you years of exposure for a very low cost.

How I Can Help Your Business 

I want to introduce you into using printed garments as a low cost marketing tool.  I have 32 years experience in screen printing and as a graphic artist.  I will create your printable artwork at no charge.  I work with Lowegear in Tampa to help you get a very low price with excellent quaility with an embedded screen print rather than the less durable digital prints that lay on top of the garment.

Another Low-Cost Form of Advertising is  a Website

I also create starter websites for small businesses that don't have one.  The goal is to create fresh content each  month and make sure they show up on local searches and google maps.  All this at a very low price.  Click on the link for more information.

There Is A Good Reason To Act Now

Prices will never be lower.  I am retired so I only work with a small number of customers.  In my experience, many customers are interested but do nothing about it until there isn't enough time to do a good job.  Once the artwork is finished it takes about 2 weeks after payment is  received.  Any good screen shop is booked at least 2 weeks in advance with paid orders.  Based on my 32 years experience

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