My Unique Approach

 Before computers I started experimenting with coarse dot full color printing.  I took newspaper clip art separations of a 3 inch Budweiser bottle and blew it up to 12 inches.

Coarse dot full color was born

 For a few years I worked with small newspaper seps and blew them up.

Low cost full color using a personal computer

All the experts in my trade said you couldn't do seps on a personal computer in the 80's.  I kept trying and when I test printed a rack of pool balls for a local pool club I noticed that it was pretty good except for a couple of colors.  For example the #2 ball was 100% cyan and 100% magenta which came out purple.  Not everything is perfect, but I could work with it.  I adjusted the colors to make the balls look right.

My Sample Shirt

It became a matter of managing expectations.   I created a pallet of colors I could reach and printed them around a tiger.  I could give a sample shirt and let a customer pick any of the colors around the tiger for their design.  The great thing about this approach is that I could take a clip art collection of 500,000 images and use them with a few adjustments for trouble colors.

The Final Art Process I Created Before I Closed Up

I developed an approach to break down a photograph into a unique piece of screen printed art.